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It's what we do...

Broadbrand is a Calgary based marketing consultancy that is passionate about building meaningful brands for its customers. We believe that marketing is more than what your logo looks like, it’s about doing the front end work so we know what channels are right for your business and using them to broaden your reach.


Broadbrand is a group of specialists in different areas of marketing including market strategy, graphic design, web development, media and analytics. With no brick and mortar office the freelance team works from satellite offices. Lower overhead = attractive prices

Principal Sarah Williams is a passionate marketer who specializes in customer based marketing and business development. She believes in knowing where the pockets of opportunity in your industry lie and setting up a leadership position there.  A fan of results and not fluff she watches where marketing dollars are working and strives to do more of that, quicker and with more efficiency. A business mentality mixed with a true love of design, art and the pursuit beautiful brands is what sets her apart. The relentless pursuit to modernize brands and help them broaden their reach is what drives her.


Sarah has collaborated with multiple leading companies and professionals throughout her career on both B2B and B2C projects.  She holds a bachelor in Marketing and International business as well as a CSEP designation. Sarah has been consulting since 2012 on everything from startups to established businesses, going as her as far as Beijing to help bring value.


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